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Better Local SEO saves you time and money while increasing your leads from every search engine and directory.

Local SEO Explained
Local SEO is the process of attracting more visits to your business based on your physical location. For example, if you own a restaurant in Sheboygan, Wisconsin, and want more people to visit, your goal could be to rank for “best burgers” in Google Search and “restaurants near me” in Google Maps. Local SEO services provide businesses with the tools and knowledge to rank higher in local search results for relevant queries in their region, leading to more leads and potential customers finding your company.

Better Price
Better Local SEO offers one comprehensive plan for only $449 per month. This plan includes optimizing and managing your Google Business and Bing Places listings to rank at the top of local listings for your most competitive and high-performing keywords and phrases. You’ll receive 31 professionally written articles each month for your website, boosting your content and engaging your audience. These articles are automatically shared on your social media pages, increasing your visibility and engagement. Additionally, an AI-powered chatbot, fully trained on your business, is included to enhance customer interaction.

Better SEO Services for Small Businesses
We offer better SEO services for small businesses in the local area to increase their visibility on Google Search and Google Maps for only $449 per month. We follow Google’s Terms of Service strictly, ensuring you won’t run afoul of a Google SPAM update or Helpful Content Update.

Continuous Optimization and Protection
We continually optimize and improve your local listing with information, services, products, descriptions, questions and answers, articles, hours of operation, booking or appointment links, and any special or relevant information such as languages spoken or facilities. We continually analyze, optimize, and defend your listing. When we find competitors violating Google’s Terms of Service, we report them for their violations. This helps improve Google’s local search results and positions your local business for long-term success.

Better ROI
We take the time to show you everything we’re doing, how we’re measuring it, and what your bottom-line return on investment is. We explain everything in plain language that you’ll easily understand, ensuring you are confident that our relationship benefits your business and bottom line.

Do you want to get more business? You only have to contact Better Local SEO to start achieving your goals.

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